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  1. Is it safe?
    Using our services is completely safe. Our systems are created and developed using the latest security measures and protocols. We work only with trustworthy payment solution providers, so you don't have to worry about anything when purchasing your bitcoins.
  2. Protected by: ssl & cloudflare
  3. Security measures:
    BuyCoinNow’s security protocols that are part of Know Your Client and Anti-Money Laundering procedures are robust and thorough. By cooperating with our payment solutions providers on every step of transaction verification we make sure all of our client’s assets are secured.
  4. KYC and AML
    By carefully analyzing any transaction data, both by automated systems and manually where required, we make sure all required AML policies are met. Our KYC procedures include ID verification, identity confirmation though a selfie, bank account ownership confirmation, and 3-D Security Protocol used to verify card ownership.
  5. System architecture security We decided to build our system using microservices architecture. This means our system is built from many independent elements. They are maintained by separate teams and not a single person has access to all modules. Your personal data, such as your document number or even your birth date, are stored on separate servers. This means that our primary servers do not store this data. The data are only available by request and are requested only if a certain user needs them - and of course, the user can only download their own data. Your password is hashed using industry-standard algorithms, so it is never stored in plain text and is not known even to our administrators.
  6. User-side security precausions
    In addition to our industry-standard algorithms listed here, we also advise our users to make sure they secure their accounts. This includes:
    1. Using strong password, meaning passwords containing a mix of letters and numbers. We suggest using dedicated passwords generator,
    2. Not forwarding the access to your account to other people,
    3. Making sure any and all communication between the users and our employees is done in secured environment,