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What is FuturoCoin?

FuturoCoin, new cryptocurrency which is working on Dash blockchain solution. One of the biggest advantages is speed of transaction, which works similar to Dash cryptocurrency. Important thing to mention with fast transaction is fee, which will be low and constant even while using instant transactions. Most of the solutions, such as security is based on Dash code-line and improved by FutureCoin team.

FuturoCoin team is aware of the problems connected with other cryptocurrencies, that’s why they have created a new cryptocurrency which is going to become a solution for all the common problems like slow transactions or huge fees for paying with it. More information: https://futurocoin.com/
Process description:

1. You need to send your BTC to specified address
2. Your transfer will be detected (we are not waiting for any confirmation!)
3. Please click "buy" button if you accept the price to convert your whole balance
4. You have FTO now instead of BTC

Price right now:
1 BTC = 13 FTO
Important: Minimum payment is 0.001 BTC
After clicking this button you need to make payment in 15 minutes
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