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What is a better investment: Bitcoin or gold?

What is a better investment: Bitcoin or gold?


In the beginning, Bitcoin wasn’t taken seriously. But after its breakthrough, people started to ask themselves: is it possible that Bitcoin is a better investment plan than gold?


At BuyCoinNow, we try to explain many issues surrounding the cryptocurrency industry. Today, we want to talk about a better way to invest your money: crypto or gold.


Buy coin now or buy gold?


If you think about investments, you always need to consider the time factor. If you want to invest for a long time, you have a few options at least. Back in the days, you could choose between stocks, bonds, securities or gold. Nevertheless, commodities have been the most proven choices throughout the ages.


But 10 years ago, Bitcoin was created. It took BTC several years to become a serious player and a reasonable option to spend money for investment reasons. Today, it is, however, one of the most exciting opportunities.


Let’s assume a hypothetical scenario, in which you have $50,000 to invest. But you can only choose between gold and Bitcoin. Which one is better?


Digital or physical?


There are at least several similarities between Bitcoin and gold. They are both real money and can be used to purchase things or pay for services, etc.


However, there are some differences, too. Probably the most important one is the medium. Gold is physical, it is tangible in every sense of it. You can buy gold and feel it in your hands. Bitcoin exists only in the digital sphere. It is a decentralized peer-to-peer virtual currency.


What also differs those two is the time of existence. Gold has been a well-known means to pay for goods etc. for centuries. Many experts believe that it reaches as far as the sixth century before Christ. Bitcoin has just celebrated the 10th birthday.


The age factor is quite important in this story. While the price of gold is mostly stable through the years, BTC’s price can fluctuate by several percent day by day. It indicates that gold might be a more sustainable investment plan. But is there any truth to it, though?


Buying BTC? Not so risky business anymore


What prevented people from going into cryptocurrencies for many years, was scandals and inappropriate usage of Bitcoin. For instance, Silk Road rings a bell. But this isn’t the case anymore.


Week by week, we get the news that one or another country regulated cryptocurrencies or is willing to do that. The digital coins industry has grown and matured into something legit and today is viewed as a real alternative for fiat money.


Still, gold is more trusted and reliable, at least in terms of being checked many times throughout the centuries. Nevertheless, Bitcoin offers something more, something more exciting, and advanced: the technology of the future. Blockchain is probably the most important tech created in XXI century. It can be applied in so many different ways, from healthcare, through shipments, to entertainment and financial systems.


Cryptocurrencies are based on that technology, which gives them the edge over gold. While gold may grow in a stable manner, cryptocurrencies are set to overtake the commodities in the upcoming years if it comes to price. Gold may be a good investment, but cryptocurrencies are just better. Sure, they can be riskier, but Bitcoin showed many times that it can survive any crisis and pick up its price.


Trusted place to buy Bitcoin


We came to that conclusion a few years ago. Because of that, we decided to create a cryptocurrency purchase platform, which will become the best place to buy Bitcoin


We can’t predict the future. We can’t promise that Bitcoin will be only going up (more to it, we are convinced that it will go down someday, that is the way things work), but we can say with certainty: Bitcoin is a better investment plan than gold.


You don’t take our words for granted. You can look at the gold/BTC chart from the last six months to see the difference.



If you had invested $50,000 in gold on January 1st, 2019, you would earn $2,593.43 (according to prices from goldprice.org). If you had spent that money on BTC on the same day, you would make over $100,000 profit (According to prices from coinmarketcap.com)!


And that is the primary reason why you should go now and buy bitcoins when the price isn’t too high. Use BuyCoinNow to do it because this is the most trusted place to buy Bitcoin.