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Bitcoin’s adventures in 2018

Bitcoin’s adventures in 2018

Bitcoin’s popularity

The year 2018 is coming to an end and it’s a good time to make a little summary. The Bitcoin charts are something that arouses many emotions and generates controversy. Bitcoin (BTC) is the first ever cryptocurrency and since its creation, it has been revolutionary. Now, obviously, there are many more advanced technologies and altcoins that use them. But nonetheless, Bitcoin remains a crypto that many people follow and get excited about. Especially those that invest in it, buy bitcoins and sell them.

Q1 – the big gain and the big drop

The beginning of the year brought euphory for everyone who had some bitcoins in their wallets. After a sudden dip at the end of 2017 (the price dropped to around 12,000 USD), Bitcoin holders could breathe a sigh of relief right at the beginning of January, when the price started going up up and reached over 17,500 USD on January 6th. But it was just a preliminary to a long-term decrease. By the end of the month the price dropped by over a 10,000 USD. Then it was regaining some worth little by little but then falling down again. At the end of the term the price was oscillating around 7,000 USD.


Q2 – the fluctuations

The second quarter of 2018 was very eventful. The price was experiencing many minor decreases and increases. Throughout the whole month, Bitcoin was worth from around 6,100 USD to 9,900 USD in its highest point, on May 5th. Then, there was constant a downward trend.


Q3 – the beginning of the slack season

July brought a little of hope that things will change for the better for Bitcoin. The price rose from 6,300 USD to over 8,200 throughout one month. But in August it started dropping again. September brought another little increase, when the price came up to 7,300 USD but then fell literally the next day by a thousand dollars. And then began the dead season for Bitcoin that lasted almost the whole of this year’s autumn.


Q4 – the nosedive

The beginning of the fourth quarter of 2018 has been very stable for Bitcoin. Its price has been kept around 6,400 USD for a good few months now. And then came the half of November and the nosedive began, as you could read in an article on blockchain24.co. On the 14th the price started dropping. Within a week it fell down by 2,000 USD. At the turn of October and December, the price of Bitcoin was repeatedly falling down below the 4,000 USD mark. It provoked many emotions and initiated the discussion about the future of the most popular cryptocurrency. Thankfully, now the price seems to be slowly going back up.


The predictions

It has been a tough year for Bitcoin. The price has been fluctuating a lot and recently, decreasing. But actually, this may be the perfect time to buy bitcoin now! Last year, the price started going up massively just at the end of the December. So maybe this time, we will experience a big boost again, just a little bit later? One thing we know for sure – now Bitcoin’s price is pretty low, so if it goes up again, you can earn a lot of money. But how to buy bitcoin? It’s really not that hard. On BuyCoinNow there is information about how to buy bitcoin with credit card and literally everyone can do so!