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Bitcoin: The means of payment or investment?

Bitcoin: The means of payment or investment?

Invest in bitcoin because of this capability as a measure of payment, or because of the potential profit from trading? This is a question of many people who invest money into bitcoin.


From the very first day, Bitcoin has come a long way from being just a technological curiosity to becoming a commonly known digital asset. People invest money into bitcoin for various reasons. Some believe that this cryptocurrency is going to be adopted as the future money. Others simply invest in bitcoin because they see it as a chance to earn money on speculations. Which reason to buy BTC is better?


Invest in bitcoin and pay with it


Bitcoin was designed with an intention to create a functional, decentralized currency, that could become an alternative to a traditional financial system. In the initial stage of development, people invested in bitcoin only as a sort of contribution to the project. Early days of now leading cryptocurrency weren't easy: the community around it was small, and the global knowledge about decentralized currency minimal. 


Those first cryptocurrency supporters believed that one day bitcoins will become an actual payment solution. When more and more people started investing money into Bitcoin, this dream began to become more real. Since the first transaction made with decentralized currency (the famous pizza bought for now an unbelievable amount of 10,000 bitcoins), more and more people started to pay with bitcoins for various products and services.


Now, you can use this cryptocurrency in many online transactions. Platforms like Paycoiner are facilitating the implementation of bitcoin payments in online shops, and thanks to services like BuyCoinNow, you may buy BTC easily and quickly. It makes bitcoins a reliable currency for modern times.


Buy BTC and become a trader


On the opposing side, we have traders. With the growing interest in Bitcoin around the world, more and more people started to notice the possible profit from speculations on its price. This led to more enterprising folks to invest in bitcoin in order to earn an income from it. Eventually, investing money into Bitcoin started to be a lucrative alternative to the traditional bond market. 


Being a trader quickly became an interesting possibility for a full-time job. Earning from the cryptocurrency market demands knowledge about the industry and an ability to predict eventual changes. A wise trader knows when it is the right moment to invest in bitcoin, as well as to withdraw the assets. 


The growing popularity of bitcoin investment contributed to a large degree to the development of the blockchain industry. The opportunity of investing money into Bitcoin made many people open on the idea of decentralized assets. Further on, it inspired many people to try their hand at creating their own implementations of this new idea. It eventually led to the foundation of many new cryptocurrency exchanges, startups, and projects.


For shopping or for investment?


As you can see, both options are equally important for the existence of Bitcoin. Paying with decentralized assets lies in the very base nature of Satoshi Nakamoto's idea, and it is a cornerstone of the cryptocurrency industry. Moreover, a large part of the crypto community believes that the main point of investing money into Bitcoin is to raise its popularity, which will eventually lead to the global adoption of this means of payment.


On the other hand, people who invest in bitcoin are a large part of its overall users. Trading became a lucrative way to earn an income, and also contributed to the growing popularity of cryptocurrencies around the world. People looking for a safe asset to put money in are more frequently deciding to buy BTC on that purpose. Recent events are excellent proof of it: the increase in bitcoin prices is a result of the tense situation between the USA and Iran, as people decided to secure their money in this currency.


After all, we believe in BuyCoinNow that every form of Bitcoin usa is correct and important for our industry. Both traders and everyday users are equally contributing to the development of the blockchain world. With every new person using bitcoins, this cryptocurrency is getting more popular around the world. As for our part, BuyCoinNow does its best to offer the most comfortable solutions, so you can buy buy cryptocurrencies with a low fee, and use them wherever you want.