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A typical day with Bitcoin

A typical day with Bitcoin

If you’re wondering how can you spend your Bitcoins for daily needs - here is a good proposition for a lovely weekend.

Rainy day, London, 3 pm on the clock without plans for a weekend

What can you do during such an unpleasant weather? Take a quick trip to New York! With Bitcoins everything is possible. Choose a flight at 5 pm to land at 1 pm next day at J.F. Kennedy International Airport. Price? 0.12811 BTC. You can buy tickets earlier online.

To the city

Take an NYC cab from JFK Airport to Church Street, where you can eat quick lunch with friends. Price of your journey is about 0.014620 BTC. Ask for a cab driver who accepts Bitcoin payments with QR code.

Pizza time!

If you are hungry, take a bite of pizza paying with Bitcoins. Look around for Domino’s Pizza where they accept cryptocurrencies payments. For 0.003344 BTC I can assure you that you’ll be full.

Shopping time!

After a tasty meal with a great company, it’s time for shopping. Clothes are always a great subject of dreams for a woman and sometimes even for a man. What’s more, fancy shirt or a leather belt is a good present. On Mott Street in New York, you can find an exclusive vintage shop where you can pay with Bitcoins. Average price for a piece of cloth is 0.008291 BTC.

Drink to that!

It’s been a long day; a drink is something that pleases us all. You can get Mangos of madness or Bananimal on East Village 10th Street in New York City. Relax and have fun to buy drinks for Bitcoins. Average price for a drink is 0.000717 BTC.

Relax - take it easy!

Comfortable beds and nice view from a window this is what I like after a long trip. On Union Street in Brooklyn, you will find everything you need to spend a relaxing night. Average price for one night is 0.044651 BTC. This nice trip from London to New York costs only 0.199733 BTC. It’s only a proposition, but it shows how you can spend your Bitcoins in real life.

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A typical day with Bitcoin