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Bitcoin - value in numbers

Bitcoin - value in numbers

When Bitcoin appeared you could buy it for 1$. Nobody expected that value of this cryptocurrency would raise up about 339260%. Good to remember that value of Bitcoin is limited to only 21 million of this virtual coins.

From low to high Bitcoin index price

In May value of Bitcoin was about 1,500$. From that moment the price has been raising. On 11th of June, the exchange rate was above 3,000$. This was a great opportunity to sell your coins and earn 1,500$ per one. Owners of this cryptocurrency were worried about the start of July. The value of it decreases to 1,940$. It was 30% less than two weeks before. The situation on 20th of July showed how index price of Bitcoin was variable. The value of coins raised almost to price from 11th of June. From that date, if you bought Bitcoin you could just count your income. On 8th of August Bitcoin hits record price at 3,522$ per coin.

Does Bitcash influence Bitcoin?

On 1st of August Bitcoiners were faced by the start of new cryptocurrency called Bitcoin Cash. Bitcash shared transactions with Bitcoin at the beginning. The bigger problem was when part of miners left Bitcoin mining for Bitcash. All the worries turned out wrong. After few days the value of Bitcash stabilized and the exchange rate of Bitcoin raised like never before after the 5th of August.

Bitcoin forecast

Future value of Bitcoin is dependent on big change that is going to be introduced shortly. It is called Segwit, and the main task is to change the size of blocks from 1MB to 2MB to make transactions faster. Specialists think that this action can change virtual money in a global currency. The governments are making new financial rules and introducing more and more capital controls. We can assume that it will cause increase in the number of Bitcoiners, as the price of Bitcoin.